Facebook Advertising for Health Clubs

Spark Notes Summary of Facebook AdvertisingFacebook advertising is a very powerful tool when used correctly and to its full potential. But in order to understand why it is so powerful we need another medium for which to compare it by. We will use search engine advertising as its comparison.Search engine advertising provides an amazing opportunity for businesses to reach their target market. For health clubs search engine advertising could promise a great ROI because you can pay to advertise only to those individuals who are actively searching for a health club to join in your area of business. For example lets say you own a health club located in San Diego. If you pay to advertise for the keyword phrase, “gym membership in San Diego” then every time somebody types that phrase into Google or Yahoo, you will be a top search result. In other words you are paying to advertise only to those people who are already interested in the service you offer. It can’t get much better than that? Or can it?Now let’s consider Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising is similar to search engine advertising except that it is several times more specific and therefore several times more powerful. With Facebook advertising you don’t pay for a top search result instead you pay to advertise to a specific type of person. With Facebook ads you can advertise to people based on their gender, age, location, marital status, interests, and friend affiliation! Advertising by friend affiliation may be a marketers favorite tool of the bunch because you can essentially advertise to Ron’s friends. (For this example Ron is a member of your gym) Having the ability to market to Ron’s friends is a huge bonus because consumers are likely to trust the products and services that their friends also use. So with a little bit of research prior to your ad campaign you can effectively advertise to the exact type of person that would be interested in joining your gym!